Handmaker at Temple Emanu-El's 14th Annual Intergenerational Thanksgiving Lunch

Handmaker would like to thank Rabbi Cohon, Donna Beyer, Lyn Henry, Mindy Henry, Marjorie Hochberg, the children of The Strauss ECE and Kindergarten, and the entire staff at Temple Emanu-El for inviting our residents to today's special Thanksgiving lunch. It was their 14th annual intergenerational Thanksgiving lunch and our residents were very honored to be a part of it. The residents enjoyed the musical performance by the young children, the prayers and blessings by Rabbi Cohon, and the delicious turkey meal prepared by many people.

Rabbi Cohon invited everyone to share what they were thankful for. A few children raised their hands saying they were thankful for their mom and dad, and their pets. Handmaker resident, Elaine McLain, said she was thankful to be living at Handmaker. Another resident, Gertrude Shankman, said she was thankful to be 102 years old. Rabbi Cohon ended with saying that we can all be thankful for our health. Amen.

-Handmaker Tucson

Grant Henry