A Visit From Olga and Bob Strauss

Last Friday, January 9, 2015, Olga and Bob Strauss came to visit Temple Emanu-El as they placed a leaf on the Tree of Life memorializing Bob's parents in an intimate ceremony held by Rabbi Samuel M. Cohon.  They were greeted by all children and staff of the Strauss ECE & Kindergarten and presented with a beautifully constructed collage thanking them for all they have done for our school.

For those of you who do not know influential Olga and Bob Strauss have been to our preschool, let us take you back to 1966 when they first became members of Temple Emanu-El. As years went by, they became involved in and supported many areas of Temple life.  Bob served on the Temple Board of Directors for 8 years and they both continuously voiced their main interest in creating the best possible community to provide Jewish education for children of generations to come.

In their commitment to Jewish education, Olga and Bob became actively involved in many aspects of the development and growth of our preschool from the time it was constructed. Over the years, they have dedicated classrooms and playgrounds, established the Robert Strauss Preschool Education Fund to help provide the materials necessary for our enrichment programs, and helped bring a much-needed water source to the older classrooms on the west side of our building.

Of course, the above mentioned is only a small sample size of everything Olga and Bob have provided for our preschool.  The magnitude for which their time and generosity has continued to improve our program is immeasurable and we will forever be indebted to their graciousness.